Samsung confirms August 5 virtual Unpacked event

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Samsung has some major announcements up its sleeves. With several new devices supposedly ready to launch, the technology giant needed a place to reveal them. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be hosting a virtual Unpacked event on August 5.

The online event is similar to those hosted by companies like Apple, who also used a digital format to announce its newest developments. At the Unpacked event later this summer Samsung is expected to reveal the Note 20, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, and a 5G version of its Galaxy Z Flip.

What to Expect at Samsung’s Virtual Unpacked Event

Samsung’s first two-screened smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, has been a flop. The device originally floundered because it was surrounded by controversy due to its poor build quality. Aside from that, it never really seemed to attracted consumers. Samsung hopes to change that narrative with its second-generation folding phone, the Galaxy Z Fold 2. It will need to learn from the past if the new phone is to succeed.

Fortunately, there are plenty of rumored updates to the second-gen device that would make it more attractive. For one, it could include a glass display instead of the flimsy plastic one that the original Fold has. A few rumors even suggest that it may come with a Note-style S Pen stylus.

In the meantime, Samsung may also be launching a 5G version of its more successful Galaxy Z Flip. The original model was released earlier this year but only works with 4G networks.

Meanwhile, Samsung is likely going to use the Unpacked event next month to officially reveal some updates to its Note lineup. If it follows the naming convention of the Galaxy family, the devices will be called the Note 20 and Note 20 Plus. Notably (no pun intended), it is rumored that Samsung will also be announcing a Note 20 Ultra this year.

The top-tier device may have two curved screens, minuscule bezels, and a thinner body than the Note 10 Plus. Meanwhile, all of the Note 20 models are almost certainly going to support 5G.

Virtual Pivot

It’s not an easy time for companies to launch new devices. Typically, Samsung would announce the new additions to its Fold and Note lineups at a press-filled, in-person event. That obviously can’t happen right now.

So, it joins the list of other device manufacturers who have turned to online events to continue showing off their products. After the 2020 Mobile World Congress (MWC) was canceled earlier this year, the likes of Apple, Huawei, OnePlus, and now Samsung were left with no other options.

Samsung was fortunate enough to announce its Galaxy S20 lineup a few weeks before the world shut down. However, those good fortunes didn’t last. The smartphone market has taken a huge hit at consumers tighten their purse strings to try and make ends meet. Shelling out more than a thousand dollars for a new phone isn’t an option for many people.

That being said, it will be interesting to see how Samsung’s latest devices are received. Though they might be packed with cool features, anything announced at August’s Unpacked event won’t come cheap.

Originally published at on July 8, 2020.




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Cody DeBos

Cody DeBos

YA author | Professional content writer | MTG Fanatic | GoT & LotR geek | GIF enthusiast | Business inquiries to

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