Inside the biggest reveals of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X games event

All the titles here will also be on Xbox Game Pass

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‘Halo Infinite’

Microsoft spent plenty of time showing off “Halo Infinite,” using it to open up the Xbox Games Showcase. The teaser showed Master Chief’s armor being constructed with narration from a voice that sounds a lot like Cortana. More likely, it belongs to Dr. Halsey.


One of the biggest surprises — and biggest announcements — of the entire showcase was a brief teaser for a new “Fable” game. The reveal confirmed rumors that the beloved franchise is finally coming back. “Fable’s” teaser showed off a nature-focused world complete with fairies and frogs that certainly looks like it belongs to the franchise.


Just moments after Obsidian showed off an expansion to “The Outer Worlds,” it gave fans a look at a new first-person RPG called Avowed. The title looks similar to “The Elder Scrolls.”

‘Forza Motorsport’

For racing fans, Microsoft provided an early look at the new “Forza Motorsport.” The next title in the popular series is being developed by Turn 10 Studios. Notably, Microsoft said that the game will take advantage of Xbox Series X’s visual features.

‘Tetris Effect: Connected’

Interestingly, a trailer for a new “Tetris” game got a bit of the spotlight at Microsoft’s recent showcase. Yes, you read that right. “Tetris Effect: Connected” is a unique remix of the popular game that features a multiplayer expansion.


Last year, the next original title from Rare was announced. Now, “Everwild” has been confirmed for the Xbox Series X. The game features stunning cel-shaded art and focuses on aiding the local environment and the fantastical creatures living in it.


One of the most exciting first-person shooter games got a moment to show off an official reveal trailer during the event. “CrossfireX” comes from “Control” developer Remedy and promises to deliver pulse-pounding action and adventure.

‘The Medium’

The studio behind “Blair Witch” is giving us another psychological horror game for the next-gen Xbox. “The Medium” allows players to inhabit the body of a spiritual medium called Marianne that borders between this world and the next.

‘State of Decay 3’

Fans of open-world undead games will be happy to hear that “State of Decay 3” is on the way. Although the previous title wasn’t a smash hit, the capabilities of the Xbox Series X could deliver some unique twists.

‘As Dusk Falls’

Thought it certainly isn’t a conventional title, “As Dusk Falls” looks fairly interesting. A unique animated trailer covers a story spanning more than 30 years in the American southwest.

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