From previous standard staples to cards with spicy new mechanics, keep an eye on these key pieces

Image: WotC | Cleric Class, Ranger Class

D&D’s famous classes come to Magic in a very flavorful way

Image: WotC

Dice rolling, limited powerhouses, and treasures galore

Image: WotC | Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Spoiler Cards

Beholders, Kobolds, and Manlands, oh my!

Image: Wizards of the Coast | Art: Zack Stella | Emergent Ultimatum

Everything you need to beat one of Standard’s most potent decks

Image: Wizards of the Coast | AFR

Everything you need to know about Magic’s next standard-legal set

Image: Wizards of the Coast

A fan-favorite ‘monster’ and a terrifying new mill card will arrive in July

You can plan ahead to turn on your lights or the coffee maker

Image: iStock | Cody DeBos

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